In fact… I have not done yoga at the Studio that I am always at in a REALLY long time!

Have I done yoga at home YES…..

But it’s not the same….

I did not go to yoga today. However I am having an amazing Saturday and excited for the New Year!

I have been given this incredible gift and I have been unable to use it. Studio time while I am in training! And, my days I work at the desk are nothing but joy! (Side note … personal everyday yoga at the studio challenge + New pose (Ashtanga) a day) And, since Teacher training is next month I am in crunch time and have a amazing volunteer (my son) and I have to have a “talk” with my husband. He has been so super supportive, but I need to get him to go to yoga. (I’m lucky he doesn’t read these lol) Really, at this point it’s FEAR holding me back. But, circumstances can do a lot of improving to work with me towards my yoga goal instead of keeping them away from me.

Between some injuries, sickness, and since I’m just in a tell all mood today, Money problems! Me and my son are sharing a vehicle, but he works and I just have had more outgoing expenses than incoming. My normal side gigs just aren’t happening. My new side gig is super SUPER exciting, but it takes a little time to have actual cash coming in. I’ve been very humbled lately. Perhaps depression is in here too. I have been using my Happy light every morning, getting up early, because unfortunately that’s just how I function!

But, I’m patient…..

And, for those who are patient with me… thank you!

I’m ready for healing….

Oh…. So why didn’t I go to yoga today…. my son’s vehicle needs to go in and unsure about driving it. :/ It just keeps being stupid stuff and it really blows (to be honest) when you are all ready in your yoga clothes water bottle check, mat check, vehicle to get to yoga… crap!

Please pardon the construction going on on the blog. (I’m not even gonna go there!)

All that aside, I am overwhelmed with gratitude about what is going to be happening in 2017. I’m so over this year! Like GOOD Amazing things are happening from this point out! I will COUNT my blessings, because I have so many of them! I did some pretty AMAZING things in 2016… I think I should CELEBRATE! Come back tomorrow for Small Victory Sunday and I am throwing an amazing impromptu giveaway! 

Anyways, have a blessed Saturday… and I will be going to yoga tomorrow! <3

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