One Day At A Time ….. 

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Happy Tuesday! Small Life Blurb: It’s been quite some time before I have written a blog. Well, last post was in April, my mother passed in May. What can I say … Grief is a B%$#H …. It is still not a topic that I want to talk about much. It’s been a while it just feels so “fresh.” I honestly feel like I am coming out of hibernation, in the Winter of all times!

But, I have also, been busy being a Grandma for two whole months, I have no idea where that time has gone! It has been a blessing beyond words! I just am SO IN LOVE with this perfect little human. I really am grateful for every second with her, with every smile, almost word, giggle, I don’t even mind the dirty diapers and when the baby gets crabby! Such a blessing in my life! I’m so proud of my daughter & son in law for being such amazing parents! Amazing how quickly life changes and leads you in different directions.

#confession I’m still on my Yoga Journey from transitioning from student to teacher, and that IS OK that it took me a lot longer than most. I’ve also had all this time to stockpile tons and tons of knowledge. I really try to learn something or study something everyday. Also, I have just been my own worst enemy in holding myself back. But that’s probably a story for a whole blog post haha! I just keep on keeping on… I will be testing next month! EEK! Really excited, and really motivated to put all/most my attention HERE! My other thing is staying HEALTHY and Injury free! So, I am really cleaning up my eating EVEN through the Holidays and going on my own personal Yoga Streak! At home or in Studio, even if all I can manage is Savasana for a hour!

I had to take a break from running, but I think that’s about to end! Just have to start off slow! It’s been a really long break from running TBH! Long story short, running on off hips and off back, was not helping. Healing through yoga and the occasional Chiropractor visit and it REALLY helps to have a daughter that is a Massage Therapist!

Everything is good,

Everything is moving in the RIGHT direction.

I’m so excited for what is about to come into my life very soon!

So, It’s Tuesday, I just rolled up my yoga mat before writing this and all I can say is …

I’m trying!

One Day at a Time!

XOXO Have a beautiful Tuesday!

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