Happy Saturday! 

I finally feel recovered enough after Yoga Teacher Training to resume life  continue to grow, through my experiences through this amazing, miraculous, journey through, “life.” I can tell you right now, that I will never be the same. I ignited a change within myself, that has been sitting dormant, waiting for the right moment, the right Teacher (or in my case Teachers,) to catalyze the change that I have been craving and searching for for so long. And. if you don’t know how much I LOVE yoga, here it is… I LOVE YOGA! My training is in Hot Hatha and I am really digging the heat now. Now I honestly do crave it!

I am filled with emotion right now as I right this. I feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. I feel like I can “Breathe” again. Maybe, because that was my first lesson in Yoga Teacher Training. Breathing. Yes, I had that all wrong! Just one simple act that I will carry though my Journey that will be with me for the rest of my life. I have had the best Meditation Practice since the training. I can’t even describe the difference in words. Because, it is a feeling that I can’t describe, but I can hold a place to honor and be grateful for this lesson.

My Body: I have finally physically recovered for the most part. 50 Hours in four days was so intense! If we weren’t doing Yoga we were sitting on a hard floor. Honestly, sitting was harder. While, I realize that there is another thing for me to work on stillness and note to self…  bring pillow next time! There is balance to be found in myself, I just have to use the tools I have been given. If anyone tells you Yoga will not make you use weight, they are wrong, OH SO wrong! I can’t even believe the difference 15lbs of weight feels like! Sometimes, I just, have to celebrate scale victories! My daughter sent me some “unapproved” Facebook pictures (unapproved means, I look fat, or at least fatter than I felt like I was!) The body difference is amazing. I am trying to re-create some of the photos. Honestly, it’s not the number on the scale. It’s the jeans I can fit in again. The new Yoga pants I need, because mine are falling off. But, I know that I am walking a fine line. Weight that comes off that fast is so east to put back on, plus more! SO I am really working on eating “intuitively” and just mindful about what I eat, with permission to fail a few times a week!

Yin & Yang: BALANCE (Insert paws up here) Balance in LIFE = Goal

I could go on all day, I haven’t even hit/talked much on the (fantastic, amazing,) training. I’m literally still processing everything. Practicing and Studying that is where my effort is directed! I love the direction my life is heading, I am just grateful! I don’t even know where to start thanking my teachers! I think I will send them all emails. And, I will talk more about Training later!

Time to get my busy! Today going it is beautiful here is Moses Lake, Washington.

Sending out lots of Good Vibes and Blessings~



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