Well, it’s raining on my Supermoon parade… but I’m feeling the positive vibes ✨✨✨

 Monday’s I always work at the Studio. This is such a blessing, even if it’s my day to clean the studio, I actually enjoy his task! Tonight the owner had all new candles for me. I love this I treat it as a ritual! Almost always when I’m working every candle is lit. I just love to Zen out there I could of got in on some Yin tonight but I had plans and had to hurry home. 

It’s almost midnight my schedule is totally out the window as far as I had this weird body clock that woke up every day at 444. And I usually got up and either wrote or go right to yoga. And now that I’m out of wack my best sleep is at 6-7 am and I have to honor that right now. I’ve been fighting sickness for ummm a min and a half no joke. I’m ok but here is just not a lot hat I can do. I’m eating a lot better now that I have my appetite back (almost too much!) but it really is bumming me out that I am not on the early bird wagon right now. And unless I get on the night owl wagon nothing is getting done! Like it has to BE the Supermoon, because I super have to clean right now. I don’t know where this personality has been hiding forever but my house is glad she is here. See… I would wait until morning which everyone needs to shower etc which leads to afternoon busy time, then early afternoon trying to do dinner and yesterday’s dishes over and over again gets old. But I’m not sure dishes at midnight is the answer either!?!?! I almost had a moment where (I thought) hubby was going to do the dishes maybe even clean he whole kitchen after destroying it. No I don’t know what he was doing in that sink… but it did not lead to cleaning the kitchen. How do all you wives keep up on this all the time? My husband does most of the cooking but I have my prep days. Anyways, it’s late I don’t know why I felt compelled to share all that I’m exhausted! 

At any rate I was blessed today and then there is…

Tomorrow a BRAN new day full of possibilities! And more dishes! 


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