Happy Tuesday AND Happy First day of November! Unless you are reading this from other parts of the world, in that case…Happy Second Day of November!

FALL IS HERE! No doubt about that! TODAY… I have yet to get out of bed, except to wash my face and get more coffee LOL

See, I do my best best work from my bed! Fun Fact…. I’ve been doing a lot of ghost writing lately. It’s super fun to be honest! Everything I do that is considered work is SUPER FUN! Isn’t that Awesome?! Hashtag #livingthedream 

I may not even get out of my PJ’s today except to unroll my mat and have a great Yoga Practice today! (YES! I DO YOGA IN MY PJ’s!!!) I NEED this day! It’s my day off work from my AWESOME Yoga Studio, O2 in Moses Lake that I am doing my Yoga Training and work the desk a couple days a week. Today, is a total self-care day!!!!

I am having a online Virtual Launch Party tonight (7PM PST if you want a personal invite just message me) for my new position with Rodan + Fields. It took a lot of research (I’m so picky!) and some freaking amazing skincare results that I just had to jump in! Then the new Lash Boost was the icing on the cake! It actually, dosen’t launch to the public until tomorrow! In just a few days I have had results. The coolest thing Lash Boost is safe for my friends with extensions and actually strengthens the lashes while the extensions are on! Anyways, that’s my cool news to report!


I have felt very overwhelmed, for one thing, I had not been blogging! Almost, like I have so much to say… but have no idea where to start!

So, I’m not gonna stress about this, this is just a recap and for the future… I am personal challenge to myself to start writing everyday!


CHALLENGE CENTRAL – PLUS throw in the “sickies” which, (CROSS MY FINGERS AND KNOCK ON WOOD) is out of the house! I was down for almost two weeks! Having the Instagram @vibebody 30 day challenge was amazing even if I only moved for a few min even on my worst days… right from my home! I fall in LOVE with Yoga more and more every time I step on the mat! Really my greatest JOY of the month was watching the 30 day challengers at work transform and come out of classes glowing … only one word JOY! But, then I had a double whammy of daily inspiration from all the online challengers for the #vibebody challenge!

When I wasn’t sick I had a lot of fun doing yoga! I am getting so strong! Still, waiting on when the Training Dates are to do my Yoga Intensives and finish my hours!

O.K. So, I didn’t get 30 yoga days in! I am gonna try again, even if this is practice at home which I need! 😉


Yes, good things are happening for me! I’ve been on this path for so long… I am starting to see the finish line!

Everyone have a BLESSED DAY, a very Blessed NOVEMBER! Like I said hit me up the Virtual party is tonight on FB but I need to add you as a friend and invite you. Just for fun, go ahead and try the Rodan + Fields Skin Test! 


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