Happy Sunday! Are you enjoying Self-Care Sunday?! 

Just planning out my week and reviewing my year and PLANNING to make 2017 AMAZING!

Plus, I am having a self indulgent day! This is crazy, but sometimes I actually like cleaning! And it’s thanks to Dana and an amazing support group!

What am I doing today as a form of self-care?

  • Slept in a little
  • Took a Detox Bath
  • Had am amazing at home Yoga Practice this morning followed by meditation
  • Journaling and planning
  • A couple years ago no cleaning would be done on a self-care day, but I am learning how much this is one of the ultimate forms of self-care! Burning candles, Sage, clearing the air and feeling prepared for the week
  • Shadowhunters is on the TV
  • I’m not cooking and tomorrow is Meal Prep, but I am prepping detox water and green smoothies for the next few days
  • Scheduling Massage/Sauna/Hydro Spa Day before Christmas!!!
  • Tonight I will be relaxing in my clean house and everyday is Skin Care Day in my house!
  • Had a friend visit, it’s a great day!


Image above Via. The Tao of Dana 

Have you heard of Catalyst Camp? This will be my third year in this challenge and I am so excited! It just keeps getting bigger and better! I have learned so much, mostly REAL self-care is my biggest takeaway from the camps. This Camp is MAGIC it’s about de-cluttering & Feng Shui, but so much more! I can’t say enough good things and would be so excited to see you there! This is not an affiliated link. I just have to share, because it is going to be amazing! Sign up for the Free videos HERE and I hope to see you at camp!

The RETURN OF FOR THE GLOW! I have been doing the Resolution Challenge for years! Such a good way to get right into eating right, starting with a Detox! fortheglow.com Again, not an affiliated link but nothing but LOVE and I hope to see you rocking out the RES Challenge with me.

Reviewing my year today. Had a whole lot of good things happen this year! I absolutely love these workbooks! It’s the creative aspect of them! Plus, just they are SO SUPER COOL! I can’t wait for my 2017 Workbooks to get here! (Note: here is an affiliated link all proceeds are quickly spent by my children! lol) Click HERE to start Your Shining Year in Life or Biz! #Funnestplannerever

My personal Lash Boost Results and the Mascara is minimum!!!!

EEEK this giveaway is exciting the Sponsor is ME! I am having the most amazing results with growing my eyelashes and eyebrows I can’t wait to give this away! Becoming a Rodan + Fields Consultant is turning out to be the best business decision I have ever made! It really is ALL about changing people’s lives!

Check This out! 

Lash Boost is available with two free gifts now until January 2nd.

GOOD LUCK I am excited for whoever wins!

One of the entries is the Question of the Day?! Which Skin Care Regimen is right for you! PLEASE, let me know in the comments below! Click Solution Tool Here

Remember 5 entries for each item you buy and you can come back enter for more! lauriev.myrandf.com


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3 thoughts on “Self-Care Sunday & R+F Lash Boost Giveaway

  1. I have wanted to try the Lash Boost. Unfortunately, I have succumbed to the Eyelash Extension craze. I have gotten fill-ins consistently for over a year and for the first time this week, I let them all fall out. My lashes are very weak and short due to the strain that the extensions put on them. I would love to try the Lash Boost to see if it will help!

    Posted on December 19, 2016 at 2:14 pm
    1. It will! It’s even safe for use while u are wearing extensions. But I see results in just days!

      Posted on December 19, 2016 at 2:15 pm
  2. Would love to try the Redefine line

    Posted on December 20, 2016 at 8:18 am