Happy Sunday! (Live With Intention!)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! My was fabulous! I LOVE Christmas, but I am always happy when it’s all over!

Christmas just was “different” this year. Not is a bad way, just in a “different” way. With the kids getting older, they pretty much opted to use everything that they got for Christmas over the last few months, so there was nothing really to open on Christmas morning. I bought myself so stuff way before Christmas as well. This was my first year without both my husbands parents. My Mother in Law, went to go be with my Father in Law in Heaven in March. My Mother has always been in Florida for Christmas. I spent one Christmas there, but with my In Laws, they have never lived more than 5 min away. I think this was especially hard on my Husband and Brother and Sister in Law as well.

Christmas Eve was good, we got together at my Brother and Sister in Law’s place and all the cousins were off work, so we could all be together, which was great. Christmas day, me and the kids just kicked it at home. My son had to work for a little while, and my husband had to work all day Christmas. (His first Christmas that he hasn’t taken off, since I can’t remember when. Me and the kids watched movies, played Scrabble. It was a great, “I’m not leaving the house day!”

Confession! I have put on weight this winter! I lost almost 20 from September to November and I put almost all of it back on. Why? Poor choices. Pop found it’s way back into my life and that is something I need to stop RIGHT NOW! I am a sugar addict! I had binges. gave myself too much permission to indulge the last couple months. Perhaps, there is some depression involved and anxiety, oh and don’t forget about stress! Point is, I did this to myself and now I am ready to undo it. I’m all about indulging ON the Holidays. But, not the whole Holiday Season!

That’s OK! It happened, I’m over it, moving on. I know what to do, I am just going to DO IT!!

For My Body: In just a little over a week, I will be doing my yearly detox. The Resolution Challenge (If anyone want’s to join me today is the last day to sign up!) This is my favorite challenge from For The Glow! The community support is amazing!

I will be incorporating the Tone It Up’s yearly, free New Years Challenge!

It sounds like a lot, but these programs are exciting and can complement each other.

For My Home: Another Confession! It’s time to CLEAR SPACE! My home needs work! Lots of work! There are a few rooms in my home, that I do not even enter! This is where The Catalyst Camp comes in! This will be my second year, and this is not all about Feng Shui-ing my home. It’s about getting balance in all areas of my life so I have the energy to keep up on everything. For some people keeping up on the house is just easy, they just do it, for me this is NOT the case. I’ve had only rare occasions, where my home was ALL clean at one time.

For My Income! My goal in 2016 is to actually make some! Not spend it all, although most was spent on personal investment. Keep track of EVERYTHING (every penny going out and every penny coming in!) for a couple months on a spreadsheet and organize my time super well.

Live with Intention! That is the overall theme! Wake up every morning with the intention to keep all the aspects of my life well rounded and BALANCED!

I’m just NEED more structure. For everything! My job is about to get more busy. Which is a good thing. And, it it’s going to turn into more work outside the home, another good thing. And, I still have time to work on my own personal goals and jobs.

Random: I would like to finish and publish my book this year! 

Random: I am getting my first Tattoo on my Daughter’s 18th Birthday! 

I don’t know how this turned into a New Year’s resolution post! Let’s just call it my 2016 Intentions! (LOL) These are just the main points, I am working through all the details and breaking down all my goals so they will be obtainable! I have so much more I could write about New Year’s and how much I am looking forward to 2016!

Today is the Last Day to enter to with the Giveaway from Big Slice Apples!  

Hope you all had a Very Merry Christmas, and wishing you and your family lot’s of blessings in 2016! 



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