Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!   I mean Happy Friday~!?!?!?!?! (How did that happen? Injury and sickness happened!) Let’s have some Coffee, Shall We?!

O.K. So I am only 4 days late for our Coffee Date! #BetterLateThanNever lol  (Almost a week late hahaha OOPS)

I wish I could come in a say my life is running like a well oiled machine, at this moment, but everything has been a little bit of crazy, CHAOS! Good and Bad… keeping me on my toes! I’m trying to really focus on the good and be thankful!

I have been working hard to get my Yoga Certification finished! Something really special, is happening this month for my last 25 hours! I am having my training out of town in a little more than 2 weeks. I will take my test then. But, it is a very special weekend, “GHOSH Weekend.” If you haven’t heard of the GHOSH family, they are one of the founding families in Yoga. So I will be getting two training’s in one! I am excited and nervous at the same time. Immediately after this in May I will start my Ashtanga training. Let’s face it, I will always be in some kind of training there is always more to learn! My love for Yoga grows each day!

Like, I really don’t know where the time goes when your sick! One day I actually went to the studio to do the cleaning before any of the public came in and it just so happened to be the day I was feeling sick and left before the Teacher forgot her keys. It was a little too much that day. So, I just had to lay down for a min just long enough to get the message she was locked out half way through class time. I swear this stuff only happens so me. And like one or two other friends. I am just talking about extra heavy stuff going on … and like the little things that unexpectedly happen. Example: soon as one thing is fixed something else breaks; tire blows, or you sleep through 5 alarms because you are just that sick. (Side NOTE; It’s kinda stormy and windy this morning the house is shaking and MORE rain I heard about a windstorm… so quiet and peaceful even though its really loud, everyone and my muddy dogs asleep in the house!)

Today, is finally the day that I can … Invite you over for coffee, because I am not going anywhere… unless it’s the store. And, I need to clean the house anyways, so that gives me an excuse. Let’s just say, I’m better, but not 100. And what the heck is up with these crazy back spasms. My hair is CRAZY I need an appointment ASAP. I know it will take a while to get in! It’s at the stage where like IDK what to do with the mop!

If we were having coffee today …. I would just be THANKFUL that I felt good enough to have company! Also, I have lots of fun secrets to share! One thing I have been missing out on is regular “friend time!” 

Now for #RealLife Time to get ready for Company! Work on Business, Pay Bills, Grocery Shop for weekend, and get ready to have a good weekend of Studying and Reading Books <3 Yes, that is how I enjoy my weekend!




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