Happy Monday! Thank you, for Joining me for Coffee this morning!


Linking up for coffee this morning, with my blogger friends  Lynda,  Deborah, and Coco this morning for.. The Ultimate Coffee Date!  I am late to the party BUT #betterlatethannever!!! What Can I say, It’s a holiday Weekend! Happy 4th of July to those who Celebrate!  And, I’ve had a million things on my plate so my blogging has gotten lazy lately!


I wish I could say I was having a fancy Coffee this morning! But, I’m pretty consistent, in my coffee, with just Vanilla Almond Milk. I did try the Almond Milk Creamer and it’s bomb, but I just stick to reg. Almond Milk. Sometimes, (very rare,) I would get a fancy latte’ but I really stopped buying them years ago. I think it was a New Years Resolution that stuck! I just cannot justify 5$ a day for a coffee! I could for a really good Green Smoothie, too bad good Green Smoothies are from out of town. That’s OK because… I make the best Green Smoothie.

If We Were Having Coffee This Morning….

I would ask you first, how everything has been going with you? (And, get excited to hear all about what is going on with you!) One of my favorite traits is that I am an AWESOME listener! Even with my family, they don’t think that I am always listening, but I am!

So, pull up a chair and get comfortable and put whatever you like in your cup and relax and enjoy this time out! I cannot wait to really catch up reading and with everyone on the Link-Up! I really look forward to this once a month link-up, typically forget about it until last minute! (Note to self.. add make blog schedule for July to my July Intentions!)

First of all… let’s catch up with June! 

Where did June go BTW!?!?! It sure went by quick! It always does! I think it’s the busiest Month of the year! EVERY year!


I suppose, my most noteworthy confession, has to do with Money. Or, lack there of! Well… we are barley scraping by. I will admit it! I’ve been having a inside/outside sale of junk that I’ve been de-cluttering and house stuff. (SOOOOOO MUCH STUFF!) In fact we are living in the house half finished with a remodel, because we ran out of money. And, a good old fashioned string of bad luck that happened during the month of June. My son got his car stolen on his Birthday. Luckily it was just a joy ride and car recovered and not damaged! it was a nice reminder to keep everything locked up!

A BIG confession would be the state of CHAOS during going through stuff to sell and my house being half finished. Like… I finally feel like I got enough clutter cleared out that I can KEEP moving forward with the home renovations and fixes. However, I DO need to get my routines for housekeeping tweaked to get a better balance in that area of my life.

I won’t go into details, my daughter had some medical problems. But, she’s feeling better right now and working, so her being sick became a top priority! I mean she is grown up and I am just cherishing all the time we spend together NOW! Both my kids! I just celebrated my Son’s 20th birthday. I was so young when I had him, but everyone is different and I am so proud of him and happy that I found my soulmate early and had my children young!

There are so many other things I am working on right now, I am just trying to keep it all together! Been feeling pretty Creative lately and Inspired. Now that I am over the hump that was the month of June! Now I can move forward! And, I am totally excited to do so!


I would probably ask you what are you reading right now? A couple good Summer reads I heard about and picked up at my local Library. Yes, I am a library geek! Thank’s to some online courses I am taking and the recommendation of Dana Claudette from The Tao Of Dana. 


Another confession… and to be honest, this one is even hard to write! Just a little personal disappointment and set back with my Yoga Teacher Training. I did not have the money for the training for last month. (It was OK I made it through the financial set back, but it is something I will have to continue working on!) Heck, I didn’t even have the money for gas to go visit! It was bad. because, I feel very humbled, I even went without my phone on for a week! But, that too shall pass! And, we made it to all paydays without borrowing money just by selling some stuff. I think, I learned a lesson too!

Add disappointment to CHAOS… and you get a set back. It happened, I even gained some weight back. But, it happened…. it’s over and time to move forward! I am committing myself to 30 Days of Yoga and get back to some easy running and sign up for a 5 K to get back into running after a break! ! If When, I can make it to Yoga Training this month, it would will be amazing. Even if I may not be ready to graduate, it’s time to get “down and dirty,” and serious about finishing this! I have FAITH that when the time is right, my Yoga Teacher Journey, will start and it’s really exciting! Just have to push through the Yoga Teacher Training part! Also, last month I perhaps was just giving myself a pity party.

Overeating was another downfall of last month. I felt my injuries and needed time to heal, but turning to food was NOT the answer to the problem.

We have been fishing a lot. To catch the fish, I have to get up around 3:30 am, so this has been my morning Sunrise view lately. It really slowed down, I’m a little over this, now I have just to focus on Yoga!!! I already registered myself for tomorrow morning & evening classes! #everydamday if I am not at The Studio, I will be doing lots of practice at home!

In addition to getting the house finished and finishing Yoga Teacher training (even if I am not ready to teach!) I am going to have a great Month!

Anyways, my coffee cup is empty and I have to get busy! It’s a Holiday and I am about to get ready to go ENJOY it.

Finally, Everyone have a safe and Happy 4th! And thank you again, for joining me for Coffee! Hopefully I will have some BIG fun news, BIG FUN, and also fun-filled adventures when we catch up on the Ultimate Coffee Date!






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One thought on “Ultimate Coffee Date July – Confessions

  1. I’ve also been working on decluttering our house. It’s a lot bigger of a project than I expected! Hope your daughter is feeling better. Being a great listener is a wonderful trait to have! Thanks for joining us for coffee today

    Posted on July 5, 2016 at 10:13 am