Good Morning!!! Happy Whatever Wednesday!!! 

Just some Random thoughts on this rainy Wednesday Morning!

It’s Whatever Wednesday and I have too much on my mind! Well, in my time zone we just “Sprung Forward” a hour this week. It takes a little adjusting to a time zone change, but in Spring – Summer  — It is so worth it! I’m so ready for spring, for longer days, and to be honest to really come out of my winter hibernation! There is still snow on the ground, but it’s getting close to being gone. This is the worst winter we have had in a long time! Hopefully the worst is over! I’m not counting on any weather from here on out! It says snow we get rain, it’s gonna rain, we get wind, it’s supposed to be sunny and beautiful, I guess the I should expect snow.

So far this year, the time has flown by! Like what it’s the middle of March?!?! How can this be! Last time I wrote on here, was last year!!! A couple reasons, IDK my blog was broke for a while and crazy happens “at my house!” And … I am just so focused, on finishing my yoga certification! Had a 25 hour last week and one more 25 to hit my 200 hours! AND… TEST! I have my last training in this “FIRST” 200 hour on March 31st. I’m crazy excited and nervous. Last weekend, (lol before last weekend) I got my booty kicked!

I wish I could say I was not on the injury list. I feel like the Chiropractor is making it worse before it gets better. ?!?!? I’ve been ON the heating pad since my first adjustment. Honestly, I just think my shoulders are that bad and just need to be fixed, it’s been holding me back. I’m healing, I can feel it, I just had to literally give myself permission to do so. I need to move my Yoga Practice back to the Yoga Studio, I have only been once. Otherwise my practice is at home and I only do what feels good. But, it’s almost depressing. I just lifted my coffee mug to my mouth and I can feel the pain from my shoulder, down my whole back! UGH this is not OK! It’s scary especially when I am on this mission!

Wow, so much has changed in my life. I personally and changing and evolving. I guess it’s a little bit of growing pains! Seriously… I don’t know where to even start! Just good change that comes in the form of CHAOS! LOL

I do have a lot of BLESSINGS to count…

I think this now that Winter is breaking, I will come back to life as well.

And, for now I have a Yoga Mat and a Meditation Pillow with my name on it!

Have a BLESSED Wednesday! Next week I am going to start doing Whatever Wednesday’s as a link up! I like reading random posts, and I like writing them. So, I will get all the details on the Link Up -tomorrow!



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